Barnstorm Theatre

barnstorm theatre websiteBarnstorm Theatre in Kilkenny produce plays mainly for children and younger audiences.

This is another website in which I follow the style of the logo in developing the design. The job was to provide and easy to use content management system which of course I found in WordPress.

The website was later made Responsive.

View the Barnstorm site:

Infocus Opticians

Infocus Opticians websiteInfocus Opticians asked me to redesign their site. It was important that they could easily make changes especially as the often have special offer on their products and services.

The website is built in WordPress and incorporates the existing logo to which I followed its colour scheme.

Like most sites I design this site is built using Html, CSS, PHP and JQuery.

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Fr. McGrath Centre

Fr. mcGrath Centre websiteThe Fr. Mcgrath Centre is a family resource providing classes in many subjects, a creche and arranging many events that benefit the community in Kilkenny.

I first built their website and determined a colour scheme. The site is built in WordPress which is ideal for organisations like Fr. Mcgrath Centre whos staff are usually very busy and find updating their website very easy and non time consuming.  The website is laid out in a clear easy to navigate way as it caters for a wide range of ages and abilities within the community.

The logo was developed from a great drawing by a staff member there. With their approval I integrated the new website colours into the logo and created it as a vector file.

I am also overseeing their website maintenance, web/email hosting.

They later asked me to design and arrange printing of their stationary and other promotional material which all worked well.

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Nasc Ireland

nasc ireland websiteNasc are a human rights and integration organisation based in Cork.  They provide a walk in service as well as online resources.

The job was to redesign their existing website so that information could be better structured and more easily found. The task also meant redesigning the navigation system to make the user experience easier especially as for many of the service users English is not their first language.

The overall look and feel of the site was redesigned while keeping the logo and sticking to the organisations’ colour scheme.

The site was built using, WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS,  jQuery

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Historical Tours Dublin

Historical Walking Tours of Dublin websiteThe award winning Historical Tours of Dublin asked me to do a redesign of their website.  The criteria was to make it look and act more modern and with greater interaction. The ability to make their own site updates and edits was also crucial to the project.
As part of the redesign it was agreed that the brand identity also be updated.

Again wordpress system could deliver all that was needed for the project. Its a fully customised theme allowing easy access for the client.

Included in this project was also a revamping of the branding identity which I then provide them with a new suite of stationary to match.

Visit the website,

Web Design

Good web design is about helping people find what they’re looking for. I design websites with end users in mind. Working with you to structure content making it easily accessible to both people and search engines. Then its all about presenting your information to be both engaging and constructive.

All websites I build these days are designed to be ‘Responsive’ (link) (optimised for viewing on Smart Phones and Tablets.

As a way to reduce coding time and focus more on design, usability and search engine friendlies I build most websites using WordPress (link). This is a fully customisable Content Management System that not only allows fast website development but is also very easy for you to update your content.


Some basic steps towards building your website

1. I learn from you about your business and what you want to say about it.

2. Consolidate your information into a website design which is an image of what the site will look like and contain onsite applications, images, text and any other requirement.

3. The design is reviewed and we make any necessary changes.

4. Once a design is in place I begin the build.

5. When the build is finished the site is loaded to a private server space so you view and test.

6. With the website is complete it can be moved to your hosting server. Note: I can also provide this hosting space for you (see domain hosting section)


As part of the web design project my range of skills allow not only straight forward web design but Logos, Graphics, Photography, Video, Social Media Integration and customisation as well as customising your email newsletter and audio production for podcasts or video.


Search Engine Optimisation

Your new website will be properly set up for Search Engine Optimisation and while I do not claim to be a SEO specialist your website will rank well based on organic optimisation methods (link). I can also advise on how best to develop and maintain higher rankings.

WordPress Tutorial

As mentioned WordPress makes it easy to update your website. But it also allows you to do much more. Included in your website project where required is a one to one tutorial on using WordPress. That will probably be all you need to get you going. I will also provide you with links to other online tutorials. WordPress have a huge user and support community and finding help is simple.

It doesn’t stop there

I believe a good website grows as your business changes and develops. You may have questions later on on how to make improvements or other changes. Simply email me (link), or phone during usual office hours 087 7682912.

Responsive Web Design

Every so often a major new aspect of how we communicate through a website comes along. If you consider how many websites you visited using your phone or tablet recently it will give you a fair indication of how many other people visit websites with the same devices.

Responsive web design takes the pinching and swiping out of viewing a website and presents your content in a clean, easy to read manner thus providing a much better user experience.

There are alternatives to Responsive in regard to mobile viewing though Responsive is by far the less expensive option used on most sites today.

The WordPress sites I build are highly adaptable to responsive design.




Logo Design

I work with many startups or first-time web projects and over the years and have been often asked to develop a Logo as part of the project. This can work very well within the overall design process as both website, logo and branding can be considered at the same time with a nice cohesive finish.

After a consultation (or two) a concept is developed on which the design is built.

Your Logo will be deliver to you in multiple file types optimised for both print and web.



Website & Domain Hosting

As part of your web design project I can set up your site hosting and domain either on a suitable hosting service of your choosing or I can set up a hosting account on your behalf on a highly recommend Hosting service here in Ireland.


Included with the hosting service are

  • Multiple email accounts to your domain (,
  • Webmail remote access
  • Hosting security updates and monitoring
  • Anti-spam and IMAP filters

The cost of the hosting depends on the amount of space required.


WordPress Content Management System

Most websites today are built in WordPress and I have no reason to buckle the trend. WordPress works very well whether its for a big content magament system site or a personal blog. The ongoing development and global community supporting WordPress will keep it to the fore of web design for a good while yet.


So What is it?

WordPress is a free opensource contents management and blogging tool with is highly customisable and provides huge functionality while still easy to use. Theres lots more to read baout it on


Note: I can also rebuild your website in WordPress keeping its exisitng style and functions while providing all the extra functionality you get with WordPress.


Why use WordPress?



WordPress has has built its success on its intuitive user interface which even without a tutorial you can see right away how you can add a new article or edit existing information. Add an image or gallery, align it on the page, give it a link… all carried out in a handy editor that looks a bit like the MS Word interface.


Its Yours

Unlike many online content services such as facebook, twitter or free hosted websites WordPress can be installed on your hosting server ensuring your content is safe and can be presented any way you want it.



If you want your website to be found easily, WordPress allows you to add your own page titles, meta tags and search engine friendly urls (web page address). Search engines can easily index any page (you allow) on your site which is key to being found on the web.


Much of the ‘ready to go’ functionality in WordPress comes from its extensive range of plugins. These are easy to install and expand the functionality of you website. Most are free and functions can range from adding an image gallery or contact form to backing up your website database.

When your website is completed you will have all the predetermined functionality already installed and tested.


Going further

There is so much WordPress can do and so much functionality it can add to your site. You can use it as you choose. Allowing easy expansion of your website’s capacity and functionality, because the content of your site is stored on a seperate database it means you can change the look and feel of your site without compromising your content. There is a huge support community and many websites sharing all sorts of information about how to do anything with WordPress.


Multiple Users

With WordPress you can have multiple account users that can access you company website. Each account can be given various levels of permissions.



WordPress seems to be ina constant state of evolution and gets better with each update. Most of these make using it even easier and more secure and the updates are always free (as is wordpress itself)