Fr. McGrath Centre

Fr. mcGrath Centre websiteThe Fr. Mcgrath Centre is a family resource providing classes in many subjects, a creche and arranging many events that benefit the community in Kilkenny.

I first built their website and determined a colour scheme. The site is built in WordPress which is ideal for organisations like Fr. Mcgrath Centre whos staff are usually very busy and find updating their website very easy and non time consuming.  The website is laid out in a clear easy to navigate way as it caters for a wide range of ages and abilities within the community.

The logo was developed from a great drawing by a staff member there. With their approval I integrated the new website colours into the logo and created it as a vector file.

I am also overseeing their website maintenance, web/email hosting.

They later asked me to design and arrange printing of their stationary and other promotional material which all worked well.

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