Web Design

Good web design is about helping people find what they’re looking for. I design websites with end users in mind. Working with you to structure content making it easily accessible to both people and search engines. Then its all about presenting your information to be both engaging and constructive.

All websites I build these days are designed to be ‘Responsive’ (link) (optimised for viewing on Smart Phones and Tablets.

As a way to reduce coding time and focus more on design, usability and search engine friendlies I build most websites using WordPress (link). This is a fully customisable Content Management System that not only allows fast website development but is also very easy for you to update your content.


Some basic steps towards building your website

1. I learn from you about your business and what you want to say about it.

2. Consolidate your information into a website design which is an image of what the site will look like and contain onsite applications, images, text and any other requirement.

3. The design is reviewed and we make any necessary changes.

4. Once a design is in place I begin the build.

5. When the build is finished the site is loaded to a private server space so you view and test.

6. With the website is complete it can be moved to your hosting server. Note: I can also provide this hosting space for you (see domain hosting section)


As part of the web design project my range of skills allow not only straight forward web design but Logos, Graphics, Photography, Video, Social Media Integration and customisation as well as customising your email newsletter and audio production for podcasts or video.


Search Engine Optimisation

Your new website will be properly set up for Search Engine Optimisation and while I do not claim to be a SEO specialist your website will rank well based on organic optimisation methods (link). I can also advise on how best to develop and maintain higher rankings.

WordPress Tutorial

As mentioned WordPress makes it easy to update your website. But it also allows you to do much more. Included in your website project where required is a one to one tutorial on using WordPress. That will probably be all you need to get you going. I will also provide you with links to other online tutorials. WordPress have a huge user and support community and finding help is simple.

It doesn’t stop there

I believe a good website grows as your business changes and develops. You may have questions later on on how to make improvements or other changes. Simply email me (link), or phone during usual office hours 087 7682912.

Responsive Web Design

Every so often a major new aspect of how we communicate through a website comes along. If you consider how many websites you visited using your phone or tablet recently it will give you a fair indication of how many other people visit websites with the same devices.

Responsive web design takes the pinching and swiping out of viewing a website and presents your content in a clean, easy to read manner thus providing a much better user experience.

There are alternatives to Responsive in regard to mobile viewing though Responsive is by far the less expensive option used on most sites today.

The WordPress sites I build are highly adaptable to responsive design.